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How long have you been speaking?

I have been speaking since 1981 as a result of my various staff and corporate positions and through the provision of training programs and consulting services.

How did you get to be an expert on reducing and eliminating workplace drama?

I’ve had the opportunity to supervise and experience workplace drama from the beginning of my career. I’ve managed and watched others manage in ways that impact upon the drama!

What exactly does your topic cover and what can we expect?

I have multiple topics – all management specific with an emphasis on constructive criticism. Through my work as a psychologist and workplace strategist for managers, small business owners, and HR personnel, I help to establish productive environments for peak performance. I provide workplace solutions and strategies that build a spirit of collaboration, respect and mutual benefit.

When can we expect results from your presentation?

Expect results immediately after I have spoken and you get back to your office! If your, and/or your team’s goal is to reduce or eliminate obstacles that have a negative impact on a productive work environment, you will have the information to change that environment resulting in greater clarity and productivity.

What differentiates you from other speakers in your field?

There are set rates for my programs based on lengths of the presentations. To receive a copy of my standard fees, contact me at 917-693-6263 or email me your request at pam@nomoreworkplacedrama.com.

Is your fee negotiable?

I have a rate for North America and a different rate for international engagements. In addition, I do offer a different fee structure for non-profit organizations. For a specific request, contact my office.


Will you fill more than one slot which will save us money on hiring another speaker and paying additional travel costs?

Yes. I offer discounted rates for multiple bookings at the same event, as well as multiple bookings for different events as long as they are booked at the same time. My fee schedule is a one page document that is available upon request.


What are your payment terms?

Half of the speaking fee is required to confirm a booking and that is due two weeks after the program agreement/contract is issued. The balance is due two weeks prior to the appearance date. Expenses are in addition to the speaking fee and those are due upon receipt.


Can I arrange to preview a presentation at nearby function to get a clear picture of your delivery, manner, language, and poise? Or do you have live footage of you speaking on stage?

I have posted footage of me speaking on my website. There are also comments from those who have hired me in the past available on my website. Otherwise, you may audit presentations as long as I am able to secure permission of the hiring entity. Most of my appearances are not open to the public.


What if there is a need to cancel a program that is already contracted?

I have a cancellation clause on the reverse side of my contract. The time and circumstances of the cancellation determine the outcome. If we are able to reschedule at a date in the future, we make every effort to do so without additional fees.


Who are some of your past clients?

My past clients are listed in detail on my website; however, among them are the Hoboken Board of Education, NYC Administration for Children’s Services, Diva Talk Radio, Rutgers University, Excellence Charter School, Body by Brooklyn Spa, University of Rochester, and NJ Department of Health.

Do you customize your presentations and if so, to what level?

I address your specific needs in the pre-program questionnaire that is issued at the time of the booking. Clients have every opportunity to inform me of their specific challenges so that those will be addressed in my presentation or workshop. Ultimately, the client selects the ideal presentation among those that I offer.


How thorough is your research to understand the client’s needs in order to prepare your presentation?

In my detailed presentation topic descriptions on my website, every prospective client has the information about what the presentation covers, what the audience take-aways are and those are detailed in bulleted items in every description. The pre-program questionnaire is completed and returned to me at which point, I schedule a pre-conference call in the weeks prior to my presentation. This gives me an opportunity to reality-test the written response that I have received to make sure that I accomplish the goal of the meeting planner.


Will you be interviewing employees or members of the organization prior to your appearance?

Not usually. If the client finds that this is necessary in order to have pertinent information, of course, I am available to do this. Also, if there are individuals that the client would like to have me recognize from the stage, I am happy to provide that service.


Do you utilize handouts in your presentation and if so, do we make sufficient copies from the masters or will you be providing the number of copies we need?

Depending on the length and circumstances of each presentation, I determine if a handout is necessary. If, however, the client prefers a handout, I will accommodate that preference. The procedure will be to provide the client with one master copy from which duplicates are made and distributed to the audience prior to my presentation.


Will you place our logo and the name of our organization in the handout?

Yes. If that is your preference for handouts, I work within your guidelines.


Do you have the audience get involved during your presentation?

It depends on the length of the presentation and whether or not you have hired me to do a keynote (which is usually less than an hour and does not include time for audience interaction) or a workshop. Presentations that are half to full day formats allow for more involvement from the audience. If there is enough time, I allow for others to share their experiences.


We like for our speakers to arrive early and stay later following his/her presentation. Do you allow time for that?

Whenever time allows and depending on the time of my appearance, I arrive the evening before and leave the same day. If there are special events that organizations would like for me to attend the evening before or following the event, arrangements depend on my speaking schedule the days before and after the presentations.


Do you offer books, CDs, trainings or other products following your presentation?

I do have extended learning materials available for audiences. Depending on the desires of the organization, I can either pre-sell items to the organization in advance of my appearance, or make them available following my presentation. My aim is to follow the wishes of the organization.


How can I purchase copies of your book for the attendees at our upcoming event?

Copies of my book, Let Me Stop You Right There and 28 Other Lines Every CEO, Manager and Supervisor Should Know is available through my website at www.DrPamStraker.com.


If we pre-purchase books, will you autograph a copy in advance for each attendee?

Yes. You will have the choice to pre-purchase books outright or order for consignment at the organization’s exhibit booth at the conference. When I issue an appearance contract, you will be asked if you would like to pre-purchase books for each person in the audience and if so, whether or not you would like to have them autographed. The books will then be mailed to you prior to the appearance for distribution.


Is there a bulk discount for large quantities?

Yes. Please request via email (pam@nomoreworkplacedrama.com) a copy of my bulk discount rate. The rates span from 20% for 12 or more books to 37% for over 500 copies.

.Please take a moment to read this before hiring Dr. Pam.


Recognition, Awards and Memberships

  • Member of the Channel 13 Tri-State Advisory Board
  • Member of the Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies, Inc. Board
  • Integrated Children’s Services, Inc. (ICS)
  • PRISM for Youth, Inc.
  • Mental Health Association of New York City’s Professional Advisory Committee
  • Citywide Behavioral Network
  • Member of the External Review Team of the New Jersey Department of Education
  • Member, Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel of the Chairman of the Executive Committee Kings Co. Democratic Co. Committee
  • Education Task Force of the New York City Town Meeting, New York Community Trust and New York City Partnership
  • New York State Assembly Mental Health Committee Task Force/Underserved Populations Subcommittee.
  • Comprehensive Economic Strategy Committee, Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation
  • Courier Life and Caribbean Life Publications Political Forums at Kingsborough Community College
  • 2007 Good Scout Award, Boy Scouts of America
  • 2007 Outstanding Contributions to Women’s Health, Amethyst Women’s Project and Life Force Salutation
  • 2006 Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Humanitarian Award, Brooklyn Borough President’s Power Women’s Networking and “Herstory” Induction Ceremony

Prior to founding her speaking and writing business, Dr. Straker consulted with hundreds of senior executive and middle management team members in the mental health and leadership development arena. Managing an annual budget in excess of $8 million and with more than a dozen programs running simultaneously, Dr. Straker was president and CEO of a NYC mental health agency from 1999 to 2008. Among her responsibilities were overseeing on-site programs in the public schools, five community-based mental health clinics, programs for seniors, a drug and alcohol treatment program and specialized mental health services. She led a staff of more than 100 full-time and part-time professionals and support personnel in providing services for more than 2,300 children, adults, seniors and their families.

Having served as a Trainer and Program Coach at Yale University for Emotional Literacy within the Psychology Department, Dr. Straker also provides consulting services to the Special Services Department of the Hoboken, New Jersey Board of Education. Additionally, she serves as a psychologist peer reviewer for the Optum Health/United Health Group. She has served as a consultant to the Office of Special Programs for the City University of New York and recently joined the consultant panel of Management Solutions Consulting Group, Inc. She provides evaluation, coaching and psychotherapeutic services for a range of populations including those applying for Metropolitan Transit Authority special transportation services. During her career she has provided individual, family and group therapy, offered technical assistance, and served in foster care, Head Start, and other human service agencies.

Her past clients include the New York State Council for Exceptional Children, Child Welfare League of America, New Jersey State Department of Health, Upward Bound, Excellence Charter School, the Medical Society of Kings County (New York) and multiple Educational Opportunity Programs. Appearing as a guest on numerous television and radio programs, Dr. Straker was recruited to teach social policy as it pertains to mental health in the graduate division of New York University’s School of Social Work.

Dr. Straker holds a doctoral degree in School-Community Psychology from Hofstra University, where she also received a master’s degree and has achieved alumna status at Columbia University’s Executive Level Institute for Not-for-Profit Management. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester.

Dr. Straker is a licensed psychologist, workplace strategist for managers, small business owners and human resource personnel and author of the book, Let Me Stop You Right There and 28 Other Lines Every CEO, Manager, and Supervisor Should Know. With more than 25 years experience as a mental health and management professional, Dr. Straker serves individuals and organizations who want to establish productive environments for peak performance. She provides workplace solutions and strategies that build a spirit of collaboration, respect and mutual benefit.

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