Regarding Your Health and Wellness

  • Have you really assessed your health and wellness needs?

  • Are you aware of health concerns related to your family history?

  • Do you know what your doctor or healthcare professional should discuss with you?

  • Have you developed IAAM (It’s All About Me) activities?
  • Are you a professional woman who feels overwhelmed, exhausted, and disconnected? 

  • Are you so busy caring for everyone and everything else but not for yourself? 

  • Have you invested in looking good but not in taking care of things that will make you feel good and will free you from anxiety?

Attention managers, small    business owners, and human resource personnel:

Are you often lost for words in correcting inappropriate behavior?
Are you beginning to wonder if you like being in charge?
Is your highest functioning employee bullying others?



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 Dr. Pam Straker addresses these issues and more in her speeches and in her coaching with professional women.  She shares personal stories and experiences as she helps her clients:

 Regarding your Life Planning

Have you developed life goals and written plans for achieving these?

Does your planning include advising your loved ones as to how you wish things to be managed in case of an emergency?

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  • Develop a family health genogram
  • Develop a personal plan for health specialist visits
  • Evaluate personal resources
  • Develop an IAAM activity plan
  • Develop a life plan that encompasses advice to loved ones

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  It's All About You, Except When It Isn't

Regarding your Personal Resources

  • Have you determined who your true friends are or are you depending upon acquaintances in emergencies?

  • Do you feel affirmed by the people you are surrounded by?

  • Are your relationships mutual?