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If you find yourself saying “yes” to any of the questions above, Dr. Pamela Straker’s presentation will put you back in control. You’ll relate to situations, and solutions that reduce, diffuse and provide solutions to workplace challenges.

Using examples from her book, Let Me Stop You RightThere, Dr. Straker uses a humorous approach to teach even the least experienced manager how to successfully lead a staff.

In Dr. Straker’s presentation, you will learn:

  1. How to assess the 4 personality types in order to work effectively with others
  2. Workplace approaches that “set the tone” for increased collegiality and
  3. How to save time by getting people to work in unison for a common cause
  4. How to manage difficult people and diffuse workplace conflict
  5. Simple steps that will facilitate increased productivity

                                         (available in 1-3 hour formats)

  • Do you feel increasingly agitated with your Do More with Less budget?
  • Are you disenchanted with your management position due to your inability to quell conflict?
  • Do productivity expectations seem difficult to achieve?
  • Do you know what training to provide when productivity drops?
  • Is the result of workplace stress worth the increasing insurance premiums?
  • Are you challenged by difficult personalities and complicated systems you’re paid to manage?Type your paragraph here.

Enhancing Your Ability To Cope With Stress In the Workplace

  Let Me Stop You Right There

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Attention managers, small    business owners, and human resource personnel:

Are you often lost for words in correcting inappropriate behavior?
Are you beginning to wonder if you like being in charge?
Is your highest functioning employee bullying others?